Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old unfinished work II

I might finish this one soon. (Katana goes on her right arm) バンザイ!

Unfinished old work I

So heres an unfinished painting of Jony Davvy from JFAC! :( oh man ive been so lazy. And their new album is so awesome!!! Im not sure if i'll be continuing with this painting. I mean...its been so long..and now he looks so different!! :o

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free Yourself

So, finally i did a collaboration work with Anna Cisowska! <3 I really like how she takes her pictures, and our friendship all started when i saw a really beautiful picture of hers in deviantart. Back then, it was like 3 years ago and i was very fresh in digital art and stuff and i wanted to use her picture (which caught my eyes while browsing DA) as a reference for one of my artwork...to which she agreed..and that's how we came to know each other! Now its almost three years since i've known her and its such an awesome thing on how our friendship has grown so deep besides being so far away. Shes my best friend. I really wish all the best with her life and i pray that we get to meet someday. (we will) :D

And yeah, this is a picture of her and she gave me a rough idea on how to work around with some editings. And  that's how i worked out with the birds around her blooming out of a flower.
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