Monday, May 28, 2012

Alien study II

Okay, so here's another watercolor work, and i feel better with this one. After the first try, i decided i would paint it with the proper watercolor method, and yes i think it turned out much better!:) I need to buy some new brushes very soon :(

Alien study I

So, im back with watercolors again! Bad thing i did the smudge method on my first try. Didn't quite turn out well, but okay...heres an alien to start with!:)  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

College campus doodles.

So i had to a looooong wait for my friend who was writing his exam in the college. So i thought of doing some sketches with my Stabilo!:) Stabilos have such an awesome pencil like feel!

The first picture was inspired by a tattoo design that i was working on for one of my friend the previous day. And the one on the right is more like a self expressive self portrait. It says "Art relieves". And as i experienced, it literally did gave me comfort to kill my boredom that day:)